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V1 Engineering Documentation

This is the new home of the V1 Engineering community documentation. Main V1 Engineering

This documentation is hosted on, The source code is on github

About The Community Documents

These instructions are a collection of knowledge from the V1 Engineering community. They are designed for collaboration in mind and edits are welcome. Please help us make this documentation better.

This idea started in the forums: Community Documentation

The forums are a great way to get help. Please stop by and ask questions or share what you’re building.

Editing and Contributing

On any page, you can click on the little pencil in the top right to edit and contribute right from your browser (or you can use your git tool of choice).

But wait, I don’t want to edit source code, I’m not a programmer

Great! Programmers aren’t always the best writers. We’re using MarkDown which is more like word than a programming language. For the most part, the text is just text, and things like titles and pictures just need a few goofy characters to turn into titles and pictures.

That will take you to github to the source for the page you want to edit.

Github edit button

In github, there is a little bar at the top of the file with another pencil. If you click on that, you will be guided to make the change and submit the changes back to the project. This is a “Pull Request”. After that, your changes will be approved and merged into the documentation, and others can avoid the same problems you had.

Before you go, make sure you add yourself to the Contributors section below so that everyone knows how awesome you are for making a contribution.

I want to develop more, faster, better, stronger

You can do some powerful things if you want to with mkdocs on your computer while editing the documents. There are some basic instructions in the mkdocs info page

I’ve put some more markdown info here


This is a community project. Ryan Zellars started the whole thing with his MPCNC, and other machine designs. His documentation and design is the core of these instructions. Jeff Eberl worked to create the documentation infrastructure.

Content was created, edited, and shared by:

Ryan Zellars (allted, vicious1) - Jeff Eberl (jeffeb3) - Mark Frost (fr0sty1) - Jamie (vector76) - Steve Nash (snash) - James Tokarsky (thejat) - RobinBennett - Ian (ianj001) - Gene Merritt (merrittgene) - Kenny (techguy682) - geechorama (?) - Adam Reineke (AdamTReineke) - Dan Roscigno (droscigno) - Dan Fontanesi - Kevin Selavko (kselavko) - Ryan Connolly (rynam0) - Clark Stephens (clarkspeed)

Special thanks to the Primo test crew. Without you fellas Primo would not be the absolute beast that it is! Tim (timonjkl) - GP (gpagnozzi) - Barry (barry99705) Thank you to the rest of you for being patient and supportive. I know this version took a long time. I only want to release something we can all be proud of.

About V1

V1 Engineering Inc all started with the MPCNC platform, from there it kept expanding.

All the same precision as the MPCNC but in a larger form factor for sheet goods? Try the LowRider CNC.

Have a shiny new CNC and not sure what to do with it? Make a 3D printer, Milled / Printed 3D Printer (MP3DP).

Want to spice up your office, living room, or dining room? Make a slick art table with the ZenXY.

If you can’t tell I like to make things and share them, If you have any questions you will find me in the forums. - Ryan


The documentation here at is under a copyright: “CC-BY-SA Copyright 2021 V1Engineering Inc.”

The machine design files, logos, and images hosted on have their own license here: